Going on Holiday? Why it’s Better to Choose a Self-Catering Apartment over a Hotel

If you’re thinking that you’re ready for a holiday and have decided to book your stay, hold off for just a minute and consider the self-catering apartment for a while. The hotel is the classic choice, but there are better alternatives out there – options which will allow you to save money yet afford you a greater degree of freedom and a wider range of options.
The self-catering apartment is becoming more and more popular, simply because there are so many benefits to them. Across the UK, continental Europe and beyond, self-catering apartments are popping up – and for good reason. Going on a holiday? Here’s why it’s better to choose a self-catering apartment over a hotel.
The self-catering apartment
Self-catering accommodation is a place – usually a cottage, house, or apartment – which is privately owned and rented out for a certain duration to holiday-makers and business travellers. It does not offer services that you would normally associate with a hotel, but it offers more freedom and privacy at lower cost. The place is equipped with all the comforts of modern living, including separation of various areas and a high-end kitchen.
Lower costs
The cost of the rent will probably be a lot lower than the cost of a hotel room, as proven by self-catering apartments in Edinburgh such as the Edinburgh Pearl Apartments, but that’s only the start. The true costs of the hotel are avoided too – think of the expensive meals, the mini-bar drinks and snacks that are sold at prices five times their value, tips, and other expenses that immediately and quickly add up in a classic hotel arrangement.
Greater flexibility
Other types of holiday accommodations tend to offer you inflexible dining hours, pre-set meals or courses that are decided according to a fixed menu, and limited choice when it comes to food or drinks. By staying at a self-catering apartment, you can decide your own time of meals, what you eat and drink, and without the protocol that comes from staying in a hotel. You have much greater flexibility.
Privacy, peace and quiet
No need to worry about other guests; you have privacy, peace and quiet.
Wider culinary options
The kitchen that is available to you may actually be better equipped than your own; you are certain to have plenty of options when it comes to preparing your meals.
Here’s one more advantage that is sure to spice up your holiday: because there are no meals offered at the unit, you are going to go out more often. This will encourage you to try the local restaurants, visit the local market, and try the local specialties; you’ll get to know the environment in a much more intimate way, and that’s what holidays are all about, after all. Lower costs, greater choices, and intriguing discoveries – now that’s a holiday!