Factors to Consider in Installing an Central Air Conditioning System in a  Businesses Space

Now that the number of start-up companies is increasing by a vast number each day, it cannot be denied that even the youth are joining the bandwagon. More and more young people who just graduated from the university are stepping forward to start their own companies.

But before you get all excited for that one shot of a lifetime on a business adventure, you have to be mindful of the requirements of your start-up company. One of which is the air conditioning system.

You surely wouldn’t want your customers to feel uncomfortable with a room-type AC that is usually insufficient to cool down a restaurant, shop, or any other business premise. If you will invest on something, the a central AC unit is one that should always be in the list.

The cost of installation

Since the installation of this type of air conditioning system is not an easy task, you have to hire professionals to do it for you. Take into consideration the cost of hiring air conditioner installation contractors. As much as possible, take advantage of an aircon servicing promotion. If you are proactive enough, you can search for companies with promotional offers that cost less than the normal price of central AC installation.

Central AC installation scheduling

Yes, you set aside some weeks for electrical systems, interior design, and some other factors. But have you thought about setting sufficient time for the installation of the central AC system? Indeed, time is needed to install ducts, condensation drains, the compressor, and other parts of your cooling system. This installation, plus the adjustments needed will eat up so much time. Set at least one week for the whole process.

The complicated ductwork

Ductwork is one of the most complicated parts of the whole central AC installation process. Ducts need to be installed underneath the walls and up to the attic or a dedicated closet where the evaporator is located. These ducts also connect the evaporator to the condenser. These two components are the exterior and interior parts of the central AC system.

If your building or business space has its own heating system installed, you can just incorporate the central cooling system to it. This way, you don’t need to set up ducts underneath the walls anymore.

Regular maintenance and repair

Aside from the installation process, you also have to take into consideration the repair and maintenance cost of keeping your central AC system. Unlike a room-type AC or a split AC system, this one is a bigger and more complicated unit. It requires regular inspection and maintenance because the operation process of a central AC is also complicated.

The two huge components of the central AC, evaporator and condenser, have to be cracked open to check the condition of the parts inside. This inspection and maintenance work has to be scheduled at least once a month not only to prevent damage but also to improve the efficiency and performance of your central AC unit.

After going through all these considerations in installing a central AC system, you can say that you are ready to take next step. Even when it requires time, effort, and money, it is a needed investment for the comfort of your customers.