5 Things to Know Before Building a House in Thailand

Making a decision to build a house is certainly a thrilling prospect which can also come with a lot of trepidation. While you may be able to get all the features and design elements you would like for your home, you will still be required to do a lot of leg work before you settle on the right builder.

This calls for a very careful and calculated approach in view of all the things which could possibly go wrong with a new construction project. Before you embark on this new and exciting journey, here are five things you definitely need to do or think about beforehand.

  1. Are you sure you want to take on a building project from scratch or would you prefer to customize an upcoming development?

This is a truly valid consideration, since many times unexpected headaches come along with a new build. Many people are not aware that developers of new housing projects do make allowances for customization of the various units if the owner has that requirement. This is good to know as it could present a less stressful alternative to a completely new build.

If you choose to go this route, you will need to speak with the developer who will factor the modifications into the cost for you and also advise you of whether or not they can be achieved within the limits of the building plan and applicable laws.

  1. How can I locate a potential builder for my project?

One of the most effective ways to start your search for a builder for your project is to speak to others. It would be good to ask around to see if there is anyone who may have had a construction project done recently and to gather information that way.

Since you are now in the market for a builder you will become more keenly aware of new developments taking place. It is helpful to stop by to see if you can possibly speak with the owners if you like what you see, or speak with the builder himself if he happens to be on location.

A wealth of information on builders however usually rests with real estate agents, who can provide you with lists of builders you might possibly want to use, as well as some sort of character reference and insight as to the quality of work they provide.

  1. How can I be sure that the builder is skilled and consistent?

You can assure yourself of this by going around to some of the projects your potential builder or builders may have done to get a feel for their style and quality of work. You will also want to speak with the owners to find out what their experience was like and if they were fully satisfied with the outcome.

If possible (which is really important) find out beforehand when it would be convenient for them to have you view their property so you can see firsthand the standard of work done. Pay attention to the finer details or even take someone along with you who has a more experienced eye.

  1. What Should I ask the builder during my meeting with them?

Now that you’ve decided on a builder or a few, you will have questions for them and based on their responses, reactions and the general rapport, you will be able to decide if you are comfortable enough to work along with them and also determine if they are able to fulfil your vision for your home.

Some important questions you will want to ask are regarding whether they are dedicated builders or part time, years of experience, ability to provide references, where the materials will be sourced from, how they deal with unexpected challenges or the need to address issues which may need to be corrected in the event of substandard work (which hopefully does not occur), who the cost will accrue to, whether they have their own team or have to sub-contract elements of the work to others and finally how long they think the project will take.

Based on your assessment of the interaction and your comfort level you are well on the way to a making a decision but not before you receive quotations.

  1. How Can I make a choice based on the quotes I’ve received?

The detail of the quotes you are provided with depends much on the style of the builder’s presentation as well as the amount of details you provide them with in terms of what you will require for your new home. In addition to providing all the details you can, also make the request known that you would appreciate a quite detailed breakdown of what will be required. This will give you a better basis to make a fair comparison between the quotes you will be receiving. After this, the decision is yours for the making. Happy construction!

Author Bio – The contributor of this guest article is Pete Morten promoting CBRE Thailand, the first international real estate consultant firm established in Bangkok.