Kind Of Residences That You Should Know About

Many people looking for housing are unaware of the large choice available to them. Most of us just put house or apartment in the search criteria without realizing it might narrow down own options. We should all make sure that the house or that the space in which we are living in is matching our desire and is fulfilling our needs. For example, if older people cannot stay on their own and are isolated, they might have to live in a particular kind of housing such as a gated community.It is the same if you have small children, the environment and space really matter to them.How to make sure their home is matching their needs? Can you equip a house as well as a nursery?

Here are some examples of different kind of residences that you should have knowledge about.


If you like a hut type of a house that is cozy and has mostly wood structure, then a cottage is something that will fascinate you. A cottage is considered a small space as compared to other types of homes. However, even if they are a bit smaller than others, they can be designed in a way that some areas look very spacious and you will have a lot of room to walk around. They are cozy and send a very positive vibe. They are the perfect option if you like small and warm living areas.

Small apartments:

Apartments are the place where you can get permanent or temporary residence for yourself and your family. Mostly, people lease an apartment for a more or less short period of time. Some apartments are quite spacious while others can only manage one single individual. It all depends on what your type of lifestyle is and what your requirements are.


Condos are a whole different deal from the apartments. Often mistaken due to their size, the main difference between the two is that you can actually own and purchase a condo for yourself. The apartments are only there for you to lease.  Condos can be owned by an individual and then they can keep on living in it, they can sell it or rent it to other people.

Old care homes:

Old care homes are basically the residence for older people. They are generally sick and need constant medical attention or care. They are similar to nursing homes since people there are people who are old and they do not have families who are able to take care of them on a regular basis.

Senior homes:

It is fortunately not the only option for the elderly population. They can get into a senior residence or the senior apartments if they are 55 plus or 60 plus in some cases. The senior apartments are the residences that are specially designed for older people. There are activities that seniors can do to get entertained and the whole room is made to match their needs and requirements.