4 Main Home Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Designing the lighting of your home is an exciting subject to talk about. Who couldn’t wait to bring out the best a household can bring? Well, before you break the piggy bank and run to the store. You have to sit down and think things through. Along with that, you have to read up on how it should be done. Here are some home lighting mistakes that you should never do.

Energy Consumption

Right off the bat, of course, you should be aware that turning on the light cost money. Having a ton of light bulbs lined up would, of course, cost more than your regular single bulb. Decide on how much you use it and check if it is a sacrifice you can take, then go ahead and splurge. If you are on a budget consider your energy bills, installing lighting decorations would not mean a thing if you are too afraid to turn it on.


OK, I know that this is something that you might curl your forehead about, but this is also a matter that you should consider. Decorative lighting is excellent in all areas of your home.

There are some that can be put everywhere from your kitchen to your garage like a vertigo pendant light. However, how would you feel about a chandelier in the bathroom? Yes, some people are just too ambitious. Installing decorative lighting in a place where it should not be is uncomfortable and irritating to look at. There are also some that are placed there just because, and the light has no particular purpose. Consider the theme of your house and work inside the circle.

Having Only One

Every household has this mistake that pretty much comes in as a standard in houses. There is only one light bulb that lights up the room! Now, generally, this is not enough to ultimately bring out the luster that your home has. It also prevents workspaces to be a bit complicated to work with since having only one source of light resorts in shadows being a hindrance to you causing accidents. You should think of a way to balance it out. Having multiple lights that are smaller is better compared to one bright light smackdown in the middle of the room.

Wrong Size

Getting a prominent lighting fixture for your two-person table sounds like a good plan, It is not. It is the same thing the other way around. Getting a too big and a too small kind of fixtures for your household makes the room disproportionate. It makes the difference. Instead of making your home appear more wholesome. It ends up feeling like something is amiss. Do not rely solely on eyeballing and guessing estimates. Take your time to find a just-right measurement depending on your rooms circumstances.

There you have it. Realizing you made a mistake after installing a light fixture would be a depressing feeling. They cost just as much to take down and if you don’t have the money for it. You have to get used to the eyesore of an out of place lighting because installing lighting to your home will be semi-permanent.