Top 5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Living in Longueuil

Sure, people prioritize practical factors when choosing a new home, and it’s for that reason why may today are looking at Longueuil real estate listings. The city is located very close to Montreal so it’s not a long commute if you work in the big city. And yet you get to choose from reasonably priced properties, good schools, and safe neighborhoods.

However, once you live here you’ll immediately thank your lucky stars because it’s truly a great place to live in. Here are some compelling reasons why people like me don’t want to live anywhere else:

    1. The parks are fantastic. The parks are popular hangouts for families and friends. The most famous of the parks in Longueuil is probably the sprawling Parc Michel-Chartrand. Within its 1.85-million square miles, you have a great garden, a playground for the kiddies, a picturesque marsh, and 3 lakes to admire. In the cold season you can enjoy the 12.5-kilometer cross-country skiing trail, and in the summer there 10-kilometer hiking trail is there along with picnic tables when you need to rest.

    Another park you have to see is the Parc de la Cité. There’s ice-skating in the lake during the winter, and in the summer you can enjoy the 8-kilometer trails for hiking or cycling. Every few months or so, the park also plays host to a festival of some sort, such as for films or live concerts.

    1. Wildlife lovers will enjoy the nature reserves. You can go to the northeast edge of Longueuil and find Boisé du Tremblay with its 267 hectares of trails that let you gaze at wonderful flora and fauna. Then there’s the even more spacious Gault Natural Reserve with 1,000 hectares. This is in just east of the city in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and here the 25 kilometers of hiking trails can be enjoyed every day.

    You should also visit Charron Island, which was once the personal property of a French governor. Here there are plenty of parks, and there’s even a beach.

    1. You’ll have a ball during the International Percussion Festival. This is a music festival in July each year that lasts 6 whole days. Musicians from all over the country converge and it’s a spectacle that’s enjoyed by more than 200,000 people each year. Every year there’s a different theme, though the same energy and joy are always there.
    2. There are plenty of shopping and dining options. Though Longueuil is considered a “suburb” city of Montreal, it doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in opportunities for shopping and dining therapy. Your first stop ought to be Rue Saint-Charles, Longueuil’s main commercial center. The mall houses more than 140 different shops, and there are of course plenty of dining options to choose from here. Outside the mall, you’ll find even more boutiques, bars, and restaurants.

    Then there’s also the place that people here call “Le Village”. It’s the part of Victoria Avenue between Riverside Drive and the Saint-Lambert railway station that’s a famous shopping strip. This section is also peppered with numerous bistros, restaurants, and cafes.

    1. Marvel at the prewar architecture. It’s always fun to just amble along in the part of town known as Old Longueuil. This section of the city has more than 450 buildings, and they were all built before 1945. The most awesome of them is the Co-Cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue. This spectacular Gothic Revival Church is a famed tourist spot that many residents are justly proud of.

Longueuil is undoubtedly the perfect city for families!